Getting started with GameMaker Language (GML) Part 1

Getting started with GameMaker Language
GameMaker Language (or GML) is GameMakers unique own programming language and is very similar to other languages like for example Java. So if you have some experience in other languages it won’t be that hard to get started. If you have no programming experience, getting started with GML might seem a little tricky at first. But after going through some of the basics you are also good to go! The best way to learn is in my opinion to just start building. And a word of advice: start small and try not to make the biggest en best game ever. If you make a lot of different small games or prototypes you will learn a lot of different aspects of GML, which will make it easier to make that bigger game in the end.
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Space Bastards for Windows!

Space Bastards has been out for Android for some time now and it’s about time that this bastard gets a Windows release! So after making some adjustment the game now accepts keyboard input and is ready to be played on a Windows PC and it’s still completely free! Please find the game at one of the links below:

Download @

Download @ Game Jolt

Download @ IndieDB

Gameplay controls:
[Left] or [Right] to walk and [space] to jump
Press [space] again to perform a double jump

Menu controls:
[alt] + [enter] switch between full screen and windowed mode
[esc] to pause while in a game
[up] or [down] to navigate through the menus
[z] change name and [enter] to finish
[x] to change level
[c] to change difficulty
Increase [+] and decrease [-] the music level in the option menu or the pause menu

Space Bastards is also available for Android!

Zombie Run 1.0.2 now available

A new version of Pinqu’s 2-player game Zombie Run is now available for download. This updated version features two new game modes, namely Push it! and Evade it!

Push it!
Push the right button when the matching symbol passes the line.

Evade it!
Press left or right to evade the walls and x to jump over the lower walls. Pick up the signs matching the opponents shirt color to slow him down.

Visit the Google Play Store to download or take a look at this blogpost for all other available download locations!

Zombie Run Screenshot